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learn how to screen print T-SHIRTs like a pro in as little as 30 days!

Introducing PrintPro™. Master the Art of Screen Printing or Start a Profitable T-Shirt Business in as Little as 30 Days Without Wasting Months, or Even Years, Trying to Figure it All Out on Your Own.


William K.


I have learned MORE in the past 14 days from watching this program than I have in the past 18 months watching youtube videos!



This training breaks everything down in a simple and easy to follow process for screen printing. Definitely worth it!

M. Qadar


This course helped us get our first $10k in profit in under a month! We wouldn't have been able to do it without PrintPro!

Let's face it... learning how to screen print online is difficult!!!

No Step-by-Step Sequence

Sure, there are resources online, but no comprehensive step-by-step guide covering every detail.

Time Wasted on YouTube

It could feel like years of time wasted watching disorganized YouTube videos.

Expensive Equipment

Vendors pitch expensive equipment and supplies to achieve success, which isn't true.

The Real Cost of not enrolling...

Are you exhausted from spending precious time and money searching through YouTube and the internet in pursuit of screen printing solutions?

Struggling to understand why you’re encountering issues with your screen prints not achieving a professional finish?

Whether it’s challenges with screen printing or starting a profitable t-shirt business—finding the answers can be frustrating.

Don’t worry.  I feel you.  I was in the same position…

If you’re tired of battling screen printing pitfalls, wasting months even years watching YouTube tutorials, and ready to start a scalable and recession-free screen printing business, then “PrintPro: A Screen Printing Master Class Course” will be the most exciting opportunity you’ll come across all year.

PrintPro - Learn How to Screen Print Like a Pro without Wasting Time & Money.

Learn how to start a screen print business without wasting time & money!

Introducing PrintPro™ MasterClass. This video training, led by a screen printing expert, teaches you how to screen print and / or start a t-shirt business. Enroll in our proven step-by-step course, saving you time and money.

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Features & Benefits


PrintPro™ includes 100+ step-by-step HD video tutorials. You get access to live Q&A mentorship, join our private community, and learn how to master the screen print business! Save yourself the headache of years of research, watching YouTube videos, and skip the trial & error. Saving you time and money.

100+ Video Lessons

Shot in HD video, teaching step-by-step how to start and scale your apparel business.

Join Our Community

Become part of our private community and receive advice from industry professionals.

Live Q&A's

Where else can you get access to THIS level of mentorship for just $48?

printpro™ Course Curriculum

Equipment, Software & Supplies

PrintPro™ Screen Printing MasterClass

Intro to Illustrator

Intro to Photoshop

Creating Your First Design

how to separate artwork

PrintPro Learn how to screen print like a pro

Printing Film 101

Coating Screens with Emulsion

Exposing Your Screens.

Exposing a Screen PrintPro Learn how to screen print like a pro

Pre-press setup.

Screen Printing Like a Pro.

How to Cure Your Shirts.

How to Cure Shirts

Troubleshooting Screen Printing.

Troubleshooting - PrintPro Learn how to screen print like a pro

Press BreakDown and clean-up.

Reclaiming a screen PrintPro Learn how to screen print like a pro


includes Step by step instructional videos

Covering everything you need to confidently start an apparel business.

14 Day Decorator

Members only Facebook group and Live Q&A's!

As an PrintPro™ Member, you'll have exclusive access to our private FB group community. Engage in Q&A live streams and connect with fellow enthusiasts to help elevate your business.

PrintPro Members Group FaceBook PrintPro Learn how to screen print like a pro



✅ Registration Template 1.0 INCLUDED.

Why spend time figuring out how to create your own template?  We have done the work for you.

ART APPROVAL Template 1.0

We have all been down that road before.  We print.  Heat press.  Embroider clients garments.  Spend time and money just to have an unhappy client.  Keep your profits where they belong and avoid costly mistakes!

WHAT FELLOW entrepreneurs ARE SAYING...


Join the growing list of entrepreneurs getting ahead by enrolling and putting this training to use…

I Don't have
the Adobe suite!

I include a link to special discounts off Adobe Suite to help save you money. After all, if you’re serious about growing your apparel business, Adobe is the industry standard. Now is the perfect time to start learning the Adobe suite.

average cost of a
college course
is $4,096.

Don't freak out! That is NOT your price. I want to help as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can. In doing so, I realized I had to discount PrintPro™ even further. *hint - your price is below*


enroll in printpro™
for ONLY $48.

4.8 stars out of 132 reviews

For Less Than THE COST OF a trip to the grocery store. You Can't Afford Not to Invest in Your Future.


How Could
1.3 Million PEOPLE

Entreprenuers Educated

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Students enrolled in our training courses.

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As the saying goes. The proof is in the puddin’.

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Teaching style that is easy and relatable.

Hi, my name is Matt. 👋  I started my business with no money and in my garage with no more than a wooden press I made for $25 and a simple one color VW t-shirt design.  I posted that design up on a forum and secured 15 pre-orders.

In 3 short years, I grew my business to 4 employees, a 2,500 sq ft shop, a 9 color 10 station automatic, 57k subscribers on YouTube and I teach people all over the world how to start t-shirt businesses.

*Bragging about myself feels a little…weird*

Where were we?…

#3 on the top 10 screen printing YouTube channels to follow list.  I have been featured in publications, and been on an episode of ‘Shirt Show’.


I’ve helped over 58.5 thousand decorators learn how to start their decorated apparel businesses.

the good and the bad. nothing lasts forever.

I would love to help everyone learn how to master the art of screen printing. As one person. I can only take on so many students at a time. Secure your spot NOW before I am completely booked up.

Have No Fear. SATISFACTION Guarantee Here.



Do you see the big hot pink button above?  Click that button. Go over to the next page, fill out your info and enroll...

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about my course?  Check out frequently asked questions and answers.

Sure!  Ever seen the Pintrest fails memes?  In all seriousness…

What is your time worth?  You can take the hard route like I did.  Sifting through hours upon hours of content.  Doing a lot of trial and error figuring out what actually works and what doesn’t.

Or you can enroll in the course.  Go through my training, and learn how to start a t-shirt business in as little as 14 days.

The choice is up to you.  You can do it the hard way…or the easy way.

Yes! 14 Day Decorator™ will unleash your creativity and you’ll learn how to transform plain apparel into custom masterpieces as well as how to scale your business.  The sky is the limit!

Join our beginner-friendly course and start crafting your unique style today!

As little as 14 days!

It really depends on how quickly you work through the training course.  How quickly you put the training into action.  Some students start generating revenue within the first week of enrolling.  Others work their way through at their own pace.

On average.  I would say it takes most students about 2 weeks to go through the course and start their business. 🙂

Not at all!  I got started with a VERY basic setup.  All you need to get started is a computer or your phone, design software, or you could even us ai.  I’ll provide you with all the resources you need to get started generating revenue even if you don’t want touch a t-shirt.

Go over to our YouTube channel Mikey Designs & Silk Screen with over 55k subscribers and millions of views.  Get a feel for my teaching style, and see some of our work.  Watch some of my tutorials and vlogs as we grew our own business.  Read the comments and see how we’ve helped many shop’s grow their business.

The proof is in the pudding. 🙂  My teaching style may not be for everyone.  That’s okay.

Yes!  With this course and the knowledge we share.  You’ll be able to create and produce simple designs as well as complicated designs.

Every shop is different.  What is the cost of living in your area?  What are your overhead expenses?  Are you on a manual or automatic screen printing press?  Are you a one man show in the garage or basement?  Or a shop with employees?  What are your competitors charging in your area?

I would recommend doing some ‘time studies’ and adjust your pricing accordingly.  How long does it take you to work with your client?  Get setup on press? Print the job?  Get it out the door?  How often are you printing during a day, a week, a month?  Most shops print on average around a 20% utilization rate.  The rest of the day is spent doing admin and screen prep.

If you need to make $50 an hour to keep the doors open and make a profit.  At a 20% utilization rate.  You would charge around $250 an hour while on press.

Check out this great blog and video on pricing your work!  It’s been really helpful with pricing our own work.

We have dozens of students in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, all over Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  This course has been proven to work worldwide. As long as you can understand English.

When I first started my screen print business.  I was broke. Working 9-5. Living pay check to pay check.  My back was against the wall.  So I can empathize where you’re coming from.

You need to get creative and think of how you can save the money.

There’s PayPal financingcredit cards, loans, parents, friends, and family.  You could also put together a GoFunMe.

If you’re hungry enough.  You’ll find a way.  Start thinking of ways that you can make this work.  If the price seems too high.  You may not be ready for this course.

If you have implemented ALL OF THE LESSONS and our course doesn’t work for for you.  We’ll give you a refund.  Just email support@mikeydesigns.com.  Our goal isn’t to take your money and run.  We want to see you become successful.

Reach out to us and we’ll get with you ASAP!!!  Once you have access to the the course. It’s all inclusive.  You’ll get access to all the training tutorials. 24/7.  For the lifetime of the course.  It will take getting behind the computer.  Out in the shop.  Behind the press.  Applying the techniques you’ve learned.  Slow the videos down or speed them up so they work at your learning pace.  Watch them over and over until you know the information inside and out.

We also would love to hear your feedback.  So we can continue to improve the program.  We value your feedback and what you would like to see.  Or an issue you’re running into.  That way we can upload more training videos addressing any problems you may run into.  Let’s grow together and make this the best course online on the topic!

Email me at matt@mikeydesigns.com.  I would be happy to help!


The Decisions You Make Today. Define Your Tomorrow.

14 Day Decorator Red Pill

In the movie The Matrix, Neo (AKA Mr. Anderson) was given a couple choices.  Let’s use that metaphor shall we…

 The Cyan Pill  – You’re on the fence, and you don’t take action.  Then, weeks or months from now, you’ll still be researching how to screen print or start a profitable t-shirt business.  Wasting time and money trying to ‘figure it out on your own’.

That would be tragic.

Especially when you’re just ONE CLICK away from practically being given a step by step playbook and valuable information that takes months or even years to learn.

 The Magenta Pill  – You take action and invest in your future.  You watch the training videos and start your journey to becoming a master at screen printing or an independent business owner who is no longer making someone else rich…

You wake up excited and can’t wait to get the work day started.

You’re no longer bound to multiple jobs and have the freedom to work when you want.  Spend more time with your family and friends.  You’re no longer scraping by working low paying jobs.

There is absolutely no downside.  All you have to do is…

PrintPro - Learn How to Screen Print Like a Pro without Wasting Time & Money.

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