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Matthew Chevalier

owner of mikey designs
Adobe Illustrator
I can find my way round with my eyes closed. 92%
Adobe Photoshop
Not even the creators know every little function. 97%
Screen Printing
I don't like to brag, but, Super Saiyan God! 97%

I knew what I wanted to be since I was nicknamed “Mikey” as a child: an artist! Once I graduated high school, I enrolled into the Art Institute of Houston’s Graphic Design program. I graduated in 2001, with honors.

In 2007, I created a t-shirt design that I was adamant about producing for resale. After calling around and receiving quotes from local screen printers, I couldn’t believe my findings; the price screen printers were charging was the selling point of my starter line. So I collected payments for pre-orders, ordered wholesale blanks, and constructed a wooden press from lumber purchased at the local hardware store.

Eventually a friend from high school heard of what I was doing. As the captain of his fire station, he recommended my services and they placed an order for a fallen firefighter foundation event. It was bigger than job any I had received to that point. I reinvested all of my profit back into my shop, and was able to offer more variety at a shorter turn around time.

The orders started coming in faster than I could handle at a part time level. I knew this was the break I had been waiting for, so I quit my full-time job to invest all my time and energy into my own business. It was the beginning of Mikey Designs.

Since then, I’ve hired additional help and have moved into a larger facility. We’ve even expanded into other services such as embroidery, promotional products, and graphic design services. We do business with clients from all over the country, as well as our regulars right here at home. Currently we’re again looking into reinvesting our profits into new machinery so we can continue to expand.

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