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The Real Cost OF Not

Have you had to reprint or refund an order because of a mistake?
Even though it probably wasn’t your fault…

Do you constantly have to go over pricing with your clients?

Does it take too long to register a screen print job consistently?

Don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a price sheet?  An art approval form?

What should these forms look like?

What information should I include?

Don’t worry.  I feel you.  I was in the same position…

If you’re tired of your bottomline being affected by costly mistakes due to a miscommunication between your client and you.  Then this will be the most interesting offer you’ll come across all year. 


T-sHirt Business
TEMPLATE Starter Pack

Save time researching and designing essential forms to run your screen print business.  The hard work has been done for you.



We have all been down that road before.  We print.  Heat press.  Embroider clients garments.  Spend time and money just to have an unhappy client.  Keep your profits where they belong and avoid costly mistakes!

Registration Template

Why spend time figuring out how to create a your own template?  We have done the work for you.

Screen Print Price Sheet

Our sales sheet has served us well for over 9 years.  It’s a useful tool explaining screen print pricing.  From screen fees to setup fees.  Why the extra cost for a white base on color garments.  Terms and conditions.  Get your editable copy of the screen print price sales sheet.

Koozie Template

Make your own 6-up koozie pallet and start offering screen printed koozies. Get a ready to go koozie template, make your own pallet and add an additional income stream to your print business!

includes instructional videos

Each templates comes with easy to follow, step-by-step instructional videos, showing you how to use the templates. 

I Don't have
the Adobe suite!

I include a link to special discounts off Adobe Suite to help save you money. After all, if you’re serious about growing your screen print business, Adobe is the industry standard. So if you would like to acquire quality clients, now is the perfect time to start learning the Adobe suite.



Join the growing list of decorators putting our templates to use in their business’s daily…

Added Bonuses


Mesh Count Cheat Sheet

As a business owner.  We all know good help is hard to find and keep during these times.  You can spend thousands of dollars training an employee what mesh to use.  Whether that’s paid on-the-job training or paying for an employee to attend classes.  All for them to bounce at the next opportunity thrown at them.

With our mesh count cheat sheet.  It’s easy enough to follow, even a newb with zero experience could make the right scree mesh selection.

BONUS form

work order form

Are you a business that handles walk-ins?  Do you take orders on the fly over the phone?

This form will come in handy in day to day operations.  Collect your clients information.  PO or invoice number.  Due date.  Print locations.  Quantities.  Style of Shirts or caps.  Garment color.  Make note of sizes.  Keeping a record on the fly!  There are even fields to take client notes and for office only pricing.

Get organized with the work order form included in the screen print business starter pack.

Work Order Form

Total Market
Value is $258.

Don't freak out! That is NOT your price. I want to help as many screen printers as I possibly can. In doing so, I realized I had to discount the starter pack even further. *hint - your price is below*


for ONLY $35.

4.8 stars out of 132 reviews

the good and the bad. nothing lasts forever.

I would love to help everyone with their t-shirt business, but I'm making the templates I use in my business available for a limited time. Get your copy NOW before they are no longer available to the general public.


How Could
62 Thousand PEOPLE

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As the saying goes. The proof is in the puddin’.

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Teaching style that is easy and relatable.

When I started my t-shirt business I made a lot of mistakes…

My clients weren’t completely clear as to what my prices were after a meeting, or sending out a quote.

I’ve had to reprint orders because of a simple miscommunication about sizing, art placement, or ink colors used.  And I had nothing to backup what we had discussed.

Orders were taking too long to get out the door because I just didn’t have a repeatable system for registering up multi-color jobs.

I was losing clients which prevented my business from growing and my screen print business was going in the red FAST!

I was at the verge of going out of business or just throwing in the towel.

Avoid the mistakes I made!  Get the Screen Printer Start Pack and put the forms to work TODAY!!!

Have No Fear. SATISFACTION Guarantee Here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Do you see the big hot pink button above?  Click that button. Go over to the next page, fill out your info (don't worry. It's safe, secure, and encrypted) and save yourself the time and the headache creating these forms...

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the starter pack?  Check out frequently asked questions and answers.

Unfortunately, NO.  The industry standard for the art community is Adobe Illustrator.  If you’re not currently using Illustrator, I would make the switch as soon as possible.  It’ll make the fulfillment process as easy as possible.  That way you don’t have to go back and forth figuring out what art files will work with Corel.  Save you and your clients the headache.  Make the switch.  You’ll thank me later.

Yes!  We’ll provide you with the most current Adobe Illustrator Cloud files.  As Well as all Legacy files.  It’ll work with both PC and Mac platforms.  From the latest and greatest Cloud.  To Legacy files all the way back to Illustrator 3.  We got you covered!

It’s for both!  My goal is to help save as many print shops possible the headache of redoing orders.  Making sure their pricing is crystal clear with their clients.  Help you get that over the phone order’s details down to secure the job.  Setup jobs faster.  Select the correct screens for the job.  Making sure everyone is on the same page.  This is one of the best industries in the world and I want to see you succeed and keep the profits where they belong.

I have been a graphic designer for 21 years and a screen print business owner for 9 years. I have been teaching screen printing for over 7 years, trained thousands of beginners and advanced students learn how to screen print and grow their business.

Go over to our YouTube channel Mikey Designs & Silk Screen with over 53k subscribers and millions of views. Get a feel for my teaching style and see some of our screen print work. Watch some of my tutorials and vlogs as we grew our own screen print business. Read the comments and see how we’ve helped many print shop’s succeed.

The proof is in the pudding. 🙂 My teaching style may not be for everyone, and that’s okay.

Dozens of shops in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, all over Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia are putting these forms to use in their day to day operation. This starter pack has been proven to work worldwide. As long as you can understand english, you’re all set!

Every shop is different. What is the cost of living in your area? What are your overhead expenses?  Are you on a manual or automatic screen printing press? Are you a one man show in their garage or basement, or a shop with employees? What are your competitors charging in your area?

I would recommend doing some ‘time studies’ and adjust your pricing accordingly. How long does it take you to work with your client(s), get setup on press, print the job, and get it out the door?  How often are you printing during a day, a week, a month? Most shops print on average around 20% of the time. The rest of the day is spent doing admin, and screen prep.

If you need to make $50 an hour to keep the doors open and make a profit, at a 20% utilization rate, you would charge around $250 an hour while on press.

Check out this great blog and video on pricing your work! It’s been really helpful with pricing our own work. 

If you have questions about downloading the screen print business starter pack, or accessing the instructional videos.  Reach out to us and we’ll get with you ASAP!!!  Eail me at

If these templates don’t work for for you.  We’ll give you a full refund.  Just email and we’ll refund your money.  Our goal isn’t to take your money and run.  We want to help as many print shops become as successful.

Email me at and we’ll work out a special deal so you can save on the forms you don’t have.

Email me at and I would be happy to help!


The Decisions You Make Today. Define Your Tomorrow.

14 Day Decorator Red Pill

In the movie The Matrix, Neo (AKA Mr. Anderson) was given a couple choices.  Let’s use that metaphor shall we…

 The Cyan Pill  – You’re on the fence, and you don’t take action.  Then, weeks or months from now, you’ll still be researching and working on these templates. Reprinting jobs, wasting time, and money trying to ‘create these forms on your own’.

That would be tragic.

Especially when you’re just ONE CLICK away from practically being given these forms.

 The Magenta Pill  – You take action and invest in your business.  You watch the training videos on how to use and rebrand them for your print shop…

You’re all set and ready to start putting them to use! 

You reduce or eliminate mistakes in your shop.  Your clients are crystal clear about your pricing.  You’re on your way to getting those jobs setup faster.  Your clients are happy.  You’re keeping that incoming cashflow in your pocket.

There is absolutely no downside.  All you have to do is…

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