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Simulated process course – ActionSeps™. The use of multiple spot color halftone screens to achieve a realistic image on a garment. Are you a screen printer? Graphic designer? Screen print business owner? This course teaches you step-by-step how to separate and screen print simulated process.

Course Content

Getting Started with ActionSeps™
Module 1: Separating Full Color Art
Troubleshooting Tutorials.
Module 2: Understanding Separations
Module 3: Simulated Process Screen Print Training
Live Print Examples
BONUS 1: Manual Separations and Recording Actions.
BONUS 2: Registration Template.
Student Q&A.

6 thoughts on “ActionSeps™”

  1. Brittany Ojeda

    i cant see the videos??? i have a fulltime job sometimes i dont have enought time to watch the videos right away , but i really interested in this course , can you please help me out

  2. Edward Holley

    hi, whenever I save the file as PSD or EPS. when I go to open it in Adobe, I keep getting unsupported color mode or depth. Only RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Bitmap are supported. so am I doing somthing wrong in my steps?

  3. Dennis Nguyen

    There’s no video attached to “What Is Gain And How To Compensate For It?” in Module 2. Everything else looks fine so far. It’s just that one that one that doesn’t come up.

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