Pricing Simulated Process Screen Printing.

Every shop is different. What is the cost of living in your area? What are your overhead expenses?  Are you on a manual or automatic screen printing press? Are you a one man show in their garage or basement, or a shop with employees? What are your competitors charging in your area?

I would recommend doing some ‘time studies’ and adjust your pricing accordingly. How long does it take you to work with your client(s), get setup on press, print the job, and get it out the door?  How often are you printing during a day, a week, a month? Most shops print on average around 20% of the time. The rest of the day is spent doing admin, and screen prep.

If you need to make $50 an hour to keep the doors open and make a profit, at a 20% utilization rate, you would charge around $250 an hour while on press.

Check out this great blog and video on pricing your work! It’s been really helpful with pricing our own work. 

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