RICOMA Embroidery Machines:
Are they worth the risk?

An Unbiased Ricoma Owner Review: The Pros and Cons of Bringing Embroidery In-House and Whether Their Machines are Worth the Gamble...

Ricoma Embroidery Machine Review

Why are you considering bringing embroidery in-house?

Turning Down Embroidery

You're turning down embroidery services and considering taking the leap and bringing it in-house.

Outsourcing Embroidery

You have been outsourcing embroidery which is profit you could keep in the bank.

Quality & Deadline Control

Worse yet, you're outsourcing and have ran into quality control issues and meeting deadlines.

Reasons You Would Consider Bringing Embroidery In-house...

You’re fed up. 😤  You’re tired of turning down profit that could be made from print t-shirts AND embroidery, but because you don’t offer embroidery, customers are taking their business else where.

Or perhaps you’re already outsourcing embroidery, and spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month paying a vendor to handle your embroidery needs, yet you’re still the middleman.  In which you’re still doing quite a bit of the leg work, and trying to keep the fact you’re outsourcing on the low. 💸

Maybe your wholesale embroidery vendor’s quality just isn’t up to par and their work requires a lot of touch up.  Or the quality is just plane 💩.

The nightmare situation:  You’re outsourcing and your vendor is too busy fulfilling their full paying clients and putting your contract work on the back burner.  Causing your jobs to be late, making your and your company look BAD! 🤬

Don’t worry.  I feel you.  I was in the same position…

If you’re reading this, you’re considering making a huge investment with your time and money, and are wondering…

Are Ricoma embroidery machines worth it? 

Do they produce quality embroidery?

What is the learning curve like?

Can I make a profit purchasing one of their embroidery machines?

Or are their machines garbage? 🗑️


Let’s use my experience with purchasing and owning a Ricoma 1501-TC, now know as the SwiftXL, as a baseline as to whether or not a Ricoma is worth investing your hard earned money into shall we…

Below are a list of PROS & CONS off the top of my head from my experience and recollection. Not a regurgitation of their sales literature. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you can geek out over their specs by clicking one of the “Learn More” hot pink buttons.

Their financing. IS IT painless and affordable?

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to throw up when I saw the total price of our machine. 🤢 But any time I've taken a leap of faith within my business, I got that feeling, but it's always paid off. My credit sucked! 😏 But we did manage to get 0% financing. No money down. Free shipping. Payments were around $125 a month. Which in my mind was a win because I was already spending at least $1,200 a month outsourcing embroidery.

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Shipping. Does it take months? or days?

At the time of purchasing our machine: As soon as financing was covered, our machine was shipped out.  And I’m not joking when I say the machine came in days.  Not weeks, or months.  It shipping Wednesday and was on my businesses doorstep by Friday.  It was like I made a purchase on Amazon, and their it was.  In a well packaged crate.

assembly & training

Assembly was a breeze! Compared to assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, this was a walk in the park.

I was a little skeptical at first about there not being an option for in-person training, but I kept an open mind. You're given access to a "before you start" kind of course, which myself and my employee Mario went through.

We were appointed Ms. Julia (If I recall recorrectly) to do our training. She was very thorough, yet easy to follow, and had us up in running off our first embroidery sample in less than an hour.

sink or swim!

Now that we were experts… okay, we were hardly experts, but were armed with all the knowledge on how to operate the machine, what type of stabilizer to use, it was time to take on our first job.

And let me tell you, I never knew I’d fall in love with embroidery compared to screen printing.  The learning curve was minimal.  There was no mess, aside from easy clean up work.  While one piece was embroidering, I was getting the next ready to go on the embroidery machine.  Our first order was well over 100 high end pieces and I had the order completed in an afternoon. 

customer support...

We get the machine up and running and start really cranking out quality jobs.  Uh oh, a wear item goes out on the machine.  What now? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ricoma doesn’t have local technicians, however, they have been really good in this area.  The repair part was part of the kit, seeing as it’s a wear item, and they had a step-by-step video walking you through the repair.  Within 30 minutes were back up & running and churning out hats and shirts.

handled in house?

One of the last pieces of the puzzle that was being outsourced, was digitizing. Now, this isn't something that was learned overnight, but with Ricoma's training videos on YouTube, I was able to start digitizing our jobs in-house with their provided Chroma software. It took some trial & error, but I eventually learned the software well enough to digitize our own artwork and was no longer reliant on outsourcing overseas. 🙌

Ricoma Chroma Digitizing Software

embroidery results
we Achieved


the benefits

The benefits of purchasing a Ricoma embroidery machine has crushed any of my limiting beliefs and hesitation when it comes to buying another in the future.  We now have the joy of experiencing…

For Less Than THE COST OF a Outsourcing Embroidery ONE EMBROIDERY JOB A MONTH. You Can't Afford Not to Invest in Your Business.


How Could
1.3 Million PEOPLE


3. 0 K

Students enrolled in our training courses.

Channel Views

5. 0 M

As the saying goes. The proof is in the puddin’.

Organic Subs

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Teaching style that is easy and relatable.

Hi, my name is Matt. 👋  I started my business with no money and in my garage with no more than a wooden press I made for $25 and a simple one color VW t-shirt design.  I posted that design up on a forum and secured 15 pre-orders.

In 3 short years, I grew my business to 4 employees, a 2,500 sq ft shop, a 9 color 10 station automatic, 57k subscribers on YouTube and I teach people all over the world how to start t-shirt businesses.

*Bragging about myself feels a little…weird*

Where were we?…

#3 on the top 10 screen printing YouTube channels to follow list.  I have been featured in publications, and been on an episode of ‘Shirt Show’.


I’ve helped over 58.5 thousand decorators learn how to start their decorated apparel businesses.



Do you see the big hot pink button above?  Click that button. Go over to the next page, fill out your info and get more information on how Ricoma can help YOU...


The Decisions You Make Today. Define Your Tomorrow.

14 Day Decorator Red Pill

In the movie The Matrix, Neo (AKA Mr. Anderson) was given a couple choices.  Let’s use that metaphor shall we…

 The Cyan Pill  – You’re on the fence, and you don’t take action.  Then, weeks or months from now, you’ll still be outsourcing embroidery, or turning down embroidery business.  Wasting time, money and possibly clients’.

That would be tragic.

Especially when you’re just ONE CLICK away from practically being given an embroidery machine.

 The Magenta Pill  – You take action and invest in your future.  You purchase an embroidery machine and start offering in-house embroidery services…

You’re no longer outsourcing, have control over the quality of your products, and no longer stressed about deadlines.

There is absolutely no downside.  All you have to do is…

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