dramatically increase the number of calls, leads & customers within your t-shirt business.

Without Spending a Single Cent More on Advertising and I'm Going to Give My System to You For Absolutely FREE!



By implementing Matt's funnel system we were able triple our sales within the first month!



I'm in other courses on how to market & sales online and nothing has been more valuable than the feedback I get from Matt.



With the Facebook ad strategies alone I was able to grow our business and scale our monthly screen print sales!

Acquiring new leads, customers & calls
is tough!!!


The cost of advertising on Google, Facebook, and YouTube is constantly rising.

Fierce Competition

There's no lack of competitors running a home operation that's willing to underbid you.

Not on Google Search

Ranking on the 1st page of google is next to impossible without speeding thousands on SEO.

decoration skills ✅
sales & marketing ❌

Are you spending money on Google or Facebook advertising and feel like you’re just throwing money in a furnace?

Do you experience the lack of orders during the “slow season”?

No matter how much post on social media, you can’t seem to get enough new customers coming in consistently?

Fed up with not seeing growth within your t-shirt business and just want to throw in the towel?

Don’t worry.  I feel you.  I was in the same position…

If you’re looking to scale your t-shirt business and tired of ‘slow seasons,’ endless social media posting, and wasted ad spend, then this offer is for you!

The 1&1 Offer Funnel System that dramatically increases the number of calls, leads and clients.  Get our FREE lead magnet web page funnel, automated email sequences, and HD video training course teaching you how to increase sales and grow your t-shirt business.

The Features

WHAT'S included?

My 1&1 Offer™ System comes with my proven webpage funnel. Automated email sequences that generate sales over and over like clockwork. And an easy to navigate training course with step-by-step HD video tutorials.

Funnel Templates

Ready-to-use, professional looking website funnel you can deploy in minutes.

HD Training Videos

Video training teaching step-by-step how to launch your funnel and generate sales.

Automated Emails

Keep customers coming back for more with my proven automated email sequence.


drag-n-drop funnel templates. no tech skills required.

Our website design templates are hassle-free and require no technical skills. They’re ready to go right out of the box, so you can have a professional-looking funnel in minutes. Key features include:



Step-by-step training. With an easy to navigate learning dashboard. Easy to follow video tutorials. Behind the computer. Learn at your own pace 24/7/365.


Automated Email: Retain, Repeat, Succeed!!

Our automated email sequence ensures consistent engagement, customer retention, and repeat purchases, keeping your audience hooked and coming back for more!

what are the benefits? 🤔

Say goodbye to wasted ad spend with our targeted marketing strategies.

Eliminate “slow seasons” as our system ensures consistent orders year-round.

Enjoy a steady stream of new customers  with our proven lead generation tactics.

Witness exponential growth in your t-shirt business through our optimized processes and support.

Experience firsthand how our system revitalizes your business, just as it did for us!



THIS IS TOO GOOD TO GIVE AWAY. Free Facebook Ad Training!

Learn in the ins-and-outs of running profitable facebook ads. From setting up your account, tracking conversions, to scaling your profitable ads to the moon!

Members only Facebook group and Live Q&A's!

As an Member, you'll have exclusive access to our FB group community. Engage in live Q&A's and connect with fellow enthusiasts to help elevate your business.

Total Market
Value is $5,000.*

Don't freak out! That is not your price. I would normally charge $5k for this system, but I want to help as many decorators as I possibly can. I'm feeling generous. *Your price is below.


Get the 1&1 offer system™ absolutely free!

4.8 stars out of 132 reviews

what gives? why is this guy giving his system away for free?

All that I ask, when you sign-up for my 1&1 Offer Funnel System, is that you sign-up to the funnel building software using my affiliate link. That's it...

"If I had the option between paying my cell phone bill, or this funnel building software, i'd choose the software because it makes me money."


How Could
1.3 Million PEOPLE

Printers Educated

1. 0 M

Views on simulated process training videos.

Channel Views

4. 0 M

As the saying goes. The proof is in the puddin’.

Organic Subs

0 K

Teaching style that is easy and relatable.

Hi, my name is Matt. 👋  I started my business with no money and in my garage with no more than a wooden press I made for $25 and a simple one color VW t-shirt design.  I posted that design up on a forum and secured 15 pre-orders.

In 3 short years, I grew my business to 4 employees, a 2,500 sq ft shop, a 9 color 10 station automatic, 55k subscribers on YouTube and I teach people all over the world how to start t-shirt businesses.

*Bragging about myself feels a little…weird*

Where were we?…

#3 on the top 10 screen printing YouTube channels to follow list.  I have been featured in publications, and been on an episode of ‘Shirt Show’.


I’ve helped over 1.3 million decorators learn how to grow their businesses.

LIMITED-time offer!

Free access to the 1&1 Offer™ System wont be around forever. Sign-up now before these funnel templates, email sequences, and training goes back to the regular price.

Have No Fear. SATISFACTION Guarantee Here.



Do you see the big hot pink button above?  Click that button. Go over to the next page, fill out your info and get access...


The Decisions You Make Today. Define Your Tomorrow.

The 1&1 Offer™ isn’t some “magic pill” that’ll instantly make you successful, but it’s the closest damn thing on the market!

In the movie The Matrix, Neo (AKA Mr. Anderson) was given a couple choices.  Let’s use that metaphor shall we…

 The Cyan Pill  – You’re on the fence, and you don’t take action.  This is what will happen if you’re thinking “nah” or “I’ll look into it later” when it comes to my offer.

First, you’ll hit the back button and return to whatever YouTube video you were watching before.  You’ll go back to life as it were and SNAP…our little time here will be forgotten.

Then, weeks or months from now, you’ll still be researching marketing videos for the answers. Wasting time and money trying to ‘figure it out on your own’.  You have the mindset of, “I don’t need help”.

That would be tragic.

Especially when you’re just ONE CLICK away from being given the keys to success.

Don’t let this happen to you.

 The Magenta Pill  – You take action.  You deploy these funnels.  You follow the curriculum step-by-step and learn how to market your business…

And in just a few weeks you’re taking in all the orders you could possibly handle, so you have to scale your business.

There is absolutely no downside.

The choice is yours.  Do you go back to the way things are and months down the road you’ve gotten nowhere?

Or are you going to take action?  Scale your business..

All you have to do is…

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